Sauna Bucket & Ladle

Sauna Bucket & Ladle

Turn your SweatTent into a steam sauna with our tastefully designed sauna bucket & ladle. Use the ergonomic metal ladle with wooden handle to pour water over the sauna rocks and create hot steam. Need to cool off? Simply pour water over yourself without needing to step outside of your sauna.
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Humidity Control

The primary purpose of our sauna bucket and ladle is to allow you to pour water over the heated sauna stones. When water hits the hot stones, it quickly turns to steam, increasing the humidity and perceived temperature inside the sauna. This allows you to control and adjust the humidity level to your comfort.

Enhanced Sensation

The burst of steam created when water is ladled onto the stones provides an immediate and intense sensation of heat. This contrast between the ambient temperature and the sudden heat spike enhances the sauna experience.


Many people add essential oils to the water in the bucket. When this mixture is ladled onto the stones and vaporized, the aroma permeates the sauna, providing therapeutic and aromatic benefits. Common choices include eucalyptus and lavender, which can be relaxing and invigorating.

Why Do People Use A Sauna Bucket & Ladle?

Hydration: Having a bucket of water inside the sauna ensures that there's always water available for producing steam. Without it, you'd have to leave the sauna every time you wanted to increase the humidity.

Tradition: For many, using a sauna bucket and ladle is a part of the traditional sauna ritual that has been passed down through generations. Engaging in this practice can provide a deeper sense of connection to history and culture.

Safety: Using a ladle ensures that water is poured onto the stones in a controlled manner. Dumping a large amount of water at once or using other containers might not disperse water evenly, which could potentially damage the sauna heater or cause an unexpected and uncomfortably intense burst of steam.