How To Set Up Your SweatTent

How To "Season" Your SweatTent Stove


Q: Where can I use SweatTent?
A:Please check your local fire department rules and regulations with regard to portable outdoor fireplaces. In most states you can legally use SweatTent in the backyard of your single-family home.

Q: What prevents SweatTent from blowing over in the wind?
A: Make sure to secure your tent to the ground to prevent it from blowing over in the wind! The tent has a skirt running along both the inside and outside. It is best to weigh down the skirt with weights such as cinder blocks, bricks, rocks etc. It also comes with ground stakes and ropes to tie down and secure further.

Q: Does SweatTent smell? How do you clean it?
It does not smell, and there is not much cleaning required. Moisture runs down the sides of the tent walls and drains onto the ground. Any residual moisture is evaporated due to the high heat inside the tent. You can spray it down with a hose if you’d like, but it is not necessary. Generally speaking, saunas are quite clean environments, including SweatTent!

Q: How Long does SweatTent take to heat up?

A: It should take about 30 minutes to reach 180-200 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on how much wood you use. 3-5 wood logs per session is typically sufficient (kiln-dried hardwoods). If your SweatTent is not nice and hot after 30 minutes then you can add some wood, slide the stove controller to the half-way closed position, leave the tent, close the door, and then re-enter in 15 minutes.

Q: What size wood should be used?
A: The max length of firewood you can feed into the stove is 16 inches, but we recommend using wood cut to 12 inches long.

Q: What is the recommended flooring?
A: Concrete, tile, dirt, grass, turf, wood (unvarnished), or ice (at least 1 ft thick).

Q: Is it normal for the stove’s metal to become red hot?
A: Your stove can endure glowing-hot temperatures. However, we do not recommend heating your stove this hot too often as it could shorten the stove’s lifespan. It is better to build up the heat over time with slower, more controlled burns.

Q: Is it normal for the rock basket to become warped over time?
A: Yes, your rock basket will naturally become warped over time, and this is normal. It will not sit evenly on the top of the stove over time. 

Q: Does SweatTent release any chemicals? What is the tent made of?
A: No. SweatTent is made of Oxford 210D Nylon with a urethane sealant on the exterior (to make it waterproof). The interior does not contain urethane. Regardless, the urethane sealant we use for the exterior is rated to 300°F, meaning it will not melt or leach chemicals at 200°F (the approximate highest temperature our saunas go). The tent windows are made of a high-temperature performance TPU. We put our saunas through testing using the highest quality, USA NIST calibrated equipment on the market from Forensics Detectors. Our test results show that when SweatTent is heated to 200°F there are zero concentrations of CO or VOCs present in the air.

Q: Can you leave SweatTent outside permanently?
A: Yes, you can leave it up permanently, although it may shorten the tent’s lifespan. The exterior fabric is made from a durable, weather-resistant fabric, however we do recommend packing it up for storage inside during times of extreme weather.