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What Type of Wood to Burn in a Sauna?

If you’re wondering what type of wood to burn in a sauna, you’ve come to the right place. Setting up the perfect sauna experience, especially with a wood-fired option like the Sweat Tent home sauna tent , begins with choosing the right wood to burn. The type of wood you use will shape the quality of your burn, the level and consistency of your heat output, and even the overall atmosphere of your sauna session.

In this article, we explain the importance of choosing the best wood for saunas like the Sweat Tent, a decision that is crucial for maximizing your sauna's performance and enjoyment. We will also introduce you to the convenient Sweat Tent sauna wood subscription service. This service simplifies your sauna experience by delivering the highest quality wood straight to your door, whether as a one-time purchase or through a hassle-free monthly subscription.

Selecting the right wood for saunas is not just about getting any wood; it's about finding the best wood that burns efficiently, cleanly, and safely. With the Sweat Tent wood subscription, you can rest assured you're receiving premium quality, perfectly suited for your sauna needs.

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Understanding the Importance of Quality Sauna Wood

Using the right wood for your sauna has the power to transform your entire sauna experience. While softwoods are typically used to build a wood sauna, hardwood is the best option for burning.

Hardwood choices like European white birch, ash, and oak are renowned for their ability to ignite quickly, burn hot, and burn longer, helping maintain a consistent temperature, and help reduce the amount of wood required for your sauna session. Quality sauna wood is often kiln-dried to reduce moisture content, which is crucial for an efficient burn.

What Makes the Best Sauna Wood?

The best sauna wood will have a low moisture content, typically less than 20%. This ensures that the wood lights easily and burns efficiently. Wet or moist wood can be hard to light, produce less heat, and take longer to bring your sauna to the desired temperature.

Effortlessly starting your sauna fire or keeping it going during your session is crucial for a seamless experience. You don't want to wrestle with wood that's awkward to fit into your stove. It's a common issue if the logs are too lengthy—they simply won't fit. This is where the size of your sauna wood becomes vital. It should be just right, not too long or short, for ease of placement in your stove.

With the Sweat Tent stove, the perfect wood size is 12 inches. These pieces are tailored to snugly fit the 16-inch depth of the stove, ensuring hassle-free loading and a steady, even burn.


Other Considerations When Choosing Sauna Wood

In addition to wood type and length, there are a few more considerations to make before buying sauna wood, like:

Storage Duration : It's important to consider how long the wood has been stored and if it's been exposed to elements like rain or snow. Moisture-rich wood is difficult to light and may create a lot of smoke. In other words, it won’t produce a hot, clean burn, or the robust sauna experience you set out to achieve.

Safety Checks : While easily accessible, wood you pick up from the gas station or the side of the road may not be the safest or highest quality, especially if it hasn’t been checked for bugs, mold, or contains a lot of resin. Always check whether your sauna wood is certified to be free from mold and bugs. This step is crucial to avoid any health hazards.

Advantages of Sweat Tent Wood Subscription

Sweat Tent's new sauna wood subscription simplifies your sauna maintenance by delivering perfectly cut and prepared wood directly to your door. Here's what you can expect from this service:

High-Quality European White Birch Sauna Wood : We use European white birch, known for its quick lighting and high heat output. Plus, it smells great without overpowering your sauna tent.

Perfectly Sized Wood: Sweat Tent's wood is cut to 12 inches, an ideal size for the 16-inch deep Sweat Tent stove. This ensures a perfect fit and efficient burning.

Optimal Moisture Content : Kiln-dried to USDA standards and containing less than 20% moisture, offering a superior burn compared to store-bought or freshly cut wood that has recently been exposed to the elements.

Inspected for Safety : Each batch is carefully inspected for mold and bugs, ensuring a safe and clean burn with minimal smoke.

Subscription Convenience: Choose between a one-time purchase or a monthly subscription tailored to your sauna usage needs. Cancel anytime.

The Best Sauna Wood Delivered to your Door

The right sauna wood is pivotal for an optimal sauna experience. With the Sweat Tent wood subscription, you have the convenience of high-quality, perfectly sized wood delivered to your doorstep, ensuring every sauna session is as enjoyable and effective as possible. This service not only offers convenience but also peace of mind, knowing that your sauna wood is of the highest standard, safe, and perfectly suited for your Sweat Tent.

Whether you're a seasoned sauna enthusiast or new to the world of wood-fired saunas, the Sweat Tent wood subscription is an ideal way to enhance your sauna experience. Sign up today to get started! While you’re here, check out the Sweat Tent Blog to discover the proven benefits of saunas for your health and wellness goals, or shop our sauna accessories to make your next sweat session even better. See us in action on Instagram ( @sweattents )!

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