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Chimney Cleaning Brush

Chimney Cleaning Brush

Our chimney cleaning brush is your ultimate solution for maintaining a clean and efficient SweatTent chimney! Designed specifically to tackle the stubborn buildup of creosote, this brush ensures your chimney stays clear, reducing the risk of chimney fires and enhancing the performance of your SweatTent.

Crafted with durable bristles and a sturdy handle, the brush is built to withstand rigorous use while providing maximum effectiveness.

Regular use of the chimney brush not only prolongs the life of your chimney but also promotes safer and more efficient heating in your SweatTent. Say goodbye to creosote buildup and hello to worry-free warmth with this must-have tool for every SweatTent owner.

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What's Included?

Price includes:

  • Insulated pop up sauna tent
  • Stainless steel sauna stove
  • 20 lbs of sauna rocks
  • Sauna rock basket
  • Wood thermometer
  • Ergonomic fire poker
  • Weatherproof roof cover
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • Instruction manual
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  • Preventative

    Reduce the risk of chimney fires by cleaning your chimney after every 3-4 sauna sessions.

  • Durable

    Tough bristles are tough on creosote. Prevent a build up by using this brush regularly.

  • Extended Length

    Fully clean your chimney pipes without dirtying your hands.